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collageThe Risk Management & Safety Department has a long tradition of providing quality service and professional advice in the areas of safety, occupational health, environmental protection and risk management. Directory of Personnel

Services to the University include:

  • Conducting safety and health inspections of all buildings, teaching and research laboratories, machine shops, athletic fields, fitness centers and weight rooms, playgrounds and food sales operations.
  • Researching insurance markets and coverages and purchasing property, casualty and most other insurance coverages (health, life and disability is purchased by Human Resources).  Also providing a floater insurance program to insure equipment within the property insurance policy deductible.
  • Providing complete hazardous waste services to all generators on campus.  This includes waste stream determinations, waste minimization and compaction, packaging, pick up, transportation, limited treatment and segregating of all chemical, radioactive and biological wastes pending vendor disposal.
  • Conducting accident investigations and managing all workers compensations, liability and property claims.
  • Conducting safety and health training in the following areas: hazard communications, personal protection equipment, food safety, hearing conservation, respiratory protection, radiation safety, biohazard and chemical safety, hazardous waste management, DOT Shipping Requirements, crane safety, golf cart use, forklift, man-lift, fall protection, confined space, lockout-tagout, ergonomic, laboratory safety, Bloodborne Pathogens, ladder safety, proper lifting and back safety and other safety and health training when requested.
  • Stocking and distributing safety and personal protection equipment frequently used by various departments.
  • Providing emergency response for hazardous material spills and incidents including handling suspicious packages.
  • Providing risk management consulting services to Student Activities, Security/Police Department, Fire Department, Student Affairs, International Studies, General Counsel, Office of the Architect, and Athletic Department.
  • Providing environmental consulting services to the Power Plant, Transportation Services, Facilities Operations, Property Acquisition Departments in areas such as asbestos abatement, lead abatement, water quality, air emissions, underground storage tanks and Phase I and Phase II property evaluations.
  • Providing work site analysis and advice for departments that have employees with short or long-term disabilities.
  • Providing safety training, insurance and risk management services to the Alumni Association and the regional clubs.
  • Tracking insurance certificates and indemnification agreements for all outside contractors and consultants working for the University.
  • Providing plan review and safety consulting services for new construction and renovations.
  • Managing automatic sprinkler installations as part of the Fire Protection Program.